Auto Loans

Many people don't realize when buying a new car or even a used car, dealerships often take advantage of consumers by giving them higher auto loan rates or by charging more fees with the car loan.

Apply for Auto Loans Ahead of Time

The best advice experts give is to apply for an auto loan ahead of time so that way you know exactly how much you will be approved for and all the fees that come with the auto loan. One of the more popular sales strategy car sales folks use is the 4 square strategy. They will sit you down at a table and with 4 empty squares and start to write down numbers in each of those squares, that include the price of the car and monthly payment of how much you tell them that you can pay. By already having an auto loan before you get to the dealership, you can save yourself quite a bit of money as that takes away one of the sales strategy that dealerships use.

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