Reverse Mortgage

Many seniors are finding out that due to low bank savings interest rates that they are not able to live off interest income like they used to be able to do 5 years ago. As a result, many have had to sell their home or move in with their children. Another option that seniors should consider is a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage allows seniors to stay in their home AND receive monthly payments or a lump sum payment to help with their financial management in their daily life. There are a few requirements for seniors looking for a reverse mortgage, also referred to as a HECM.
  • 62 years old or older
  • own home outright or have a low mortgage
  • reside in the home
  • go through a consumer education course on reverse mortgages
  • home must be a single family or a 2-4 unit with one unit occupied by the owner
Reverse mortgages are especially popular in states such as California, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Florida. For a listing of reverse mortgage lenders, visit Reverse Mortgage or the NRMLA.


Lots of seniors decide that they no longer want to worry about taking care of their home and end up moving into senior living communities that offer assisted living, memory care assistance, independent living, golf retirement communities or other types of senior housing and simply just sell their home.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

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