How Long Until I Become a Millionaire Calculator?

Calculate how much you can earn by putting your money in a savings account.

Current Savings:

Monthly Contributions:

Rate of Return: %

Current Age:

Total Amount:
Total Interest Earned:

Please note that the above numbers are only estimates and actual amounts may vary depending on compounding periods and changing interest rates.

Starting amount
The starting balance or current amount you have saved.

Additional contributions
The amount that you plan on adding to your savings or investment each period. The investment period options include monthly, quarterly and annually.

The total number of years you are planning to save or invest.

Interest rate
The annual rate of return for this investment or savings account. Historically the major stock indexes have averaged 11% to 12% per year. If you plan on withdrawing your money within five years, you may wish to choose a more conservative rate of return.
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