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Financial Institution APY % Est. Int.** Account Min. Amount More Info
Berkshire Bank CD

Berkshire Bank

1.50% $15 CD - 24 Month $1,000  

Nationwide Bank

1.46% $15 CD - 24 Month $500  

First Internet Bank

1.41% $14 CD - 24 Month $1,000  

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

1.41% $14 CD - 24 Month $1,000  

Discover Bank

1.35% $14 CD - 24 Month $1  
Ameriprise Bank, FSB CD

Ameriprise Bank, FSB

1.30% $13 CD - 24 Month $1,000  

Ally Bank

1.30% $13 CD - 24 Month $1  

Participating financial institutions are those who have actively chosen to display their rates to BankAround users.

** Estimated interest earned over a 12 month period.


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